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The Van Allen Belts

The Van Allen belts are two strips surrounding the Earth composing of radiation trapped by the Earth’s geomagnetic field. They’re doughnut-like (toroidal) in shape and the outer belt extends about 60 000 km above the Earth’s surface. Due to their composition of charged particles they can pose a major hazard to satellites that spend too much time within them by disturbing their electrical components.

The closest the inner Van Allen Belt makes it to Earth is in a region called the South Atlantic Anomaly. Satellites that pass through this region need extra shielding to cope with this, the Hubble does not take pictures when passing through and astronauts have reported seeing phosphenes (lights in your eyes) when in this region. Aside from electrons, protons and various ions, it’s also suspected that the Van Allen belts could contain traces of antimatter

The image above shows simulated Van Allen belts in a 1966 Electric Propulsion laboratory experiment.

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Newly restored scans of Hasselblad photos shot on Gemini’s 1965-1966 missions.

These galleries include outtakes, underexposures, overexposures, double exposures, light leaks, etc. Even astronauts make photo mistakes.

Read all about the scans.

Newly Restored Hasselblad Scans from Gemini’s Space Missions

Photos: NASA/JSC/Arizona State University; via BoingBoing

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Oh Canada, Oh Canada.

Thousands of LGBT couples across the world awoke this morning to learn that they are no longer married.

Couples like Dan Savage and his husband (now boyfriend) are astonished to find themselves divorced so abruptly.

Canada has always been proud of it’s liberal laws and civil rights stances. However this sudden change in law has clearly not made anyone happy. 


The Amazing Atheist takes on the viral I hate religion, but love Jesus video that has been spreading like fire among the online community.

Watch and enjoy. 

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A Cut Above the Rest: Non-Surgical Circumcision Could Help Fight AIDS in Africa

A device to facilitate non-surgical adult male circumcision could revolutionize the fight against the spread of HIV. Enter PrePex, a simple device that consists of three rings: two plastic, one elastic. The innovation, which is patent pending, allows for a “virtually painless” adult male circumcision that can be performed by low-cadre nurses almost anywhere. 

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A disastrous intellectual package-deal, put over on us by the theoreticians of statism, is the equation of economic power with political power. You have heard it in such bromides as: “A hungry man is not free,” or “It makes no difference to a worker whether he takes orders from a businessman or a bureaucrat.” Most people accept these equivocations — and yet they know that the poorest laborer in America is freer and more secure than the richest commissar in Soviet Russia. What is the basic, the essential, the crucial principle that differentiates freedom from slavery? It is the principle of voluntary action versus physical coercion or compulsion. The difference between political power and any other kind of social “power,” between a government and any private organisation, is the fact that a government holds a legal monopoly on the use of physical force.

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